Home Health Startups Docsapp – A medical app working towards tackling India’s doctor shortage

Docsapp – A medical app working towards tackling India’s doctor shortage

Docsapp - A medical app working towards tackling India’s doctor shortage
DocsApp’s team. Photo credit: DocsApp.

India is one of those countries which faces acute shortage of doctors. According to WHO standard, there has to be 1 doctor for every 1000 people. However, In India, there is 1 doctor for every 1600 people. The distribution of the doctors, especially specialists is mostly congregated to bigger cities and only the patients residing in those cities benefit from their services. The community health centres in India are based in small towns to assist patients in deciding if they are in need of visiting a larger, better-equipped city facility. These community health centers get the services of only 19 percent of the specialists and in most cases, the doctors do not match the requirements needed for being a specialist.

DocsApp is a mobile app that connects users to specialist doctors in less than 30 minutes.The app ensures that doctors are easily accessible to the patients from anywhere at anytime. Founded by Satish Kannan, an IIT Madras graduate with fellow IIT-Madras alum Enbasekar. D. Furthermore, the app mainly focuses on providing consultations and allows its users to chat with doctors online.

In May 2016, DocsApp acquired fundings from two of the Facebook’s early investors accompanied with Rebright Partners, an investment firm based in Tokyo and Singapore.

DocsApp serves over 50,000 patients every month and recently accomplished the milestone of 9,00,000 satisfied users across India. The idea behind DocsApp is similar to that of Whatsapp. However, the app is specifically designed to connect patients and doctors. Patients can get a consultation through chat or call methods from anywhere at anytime. The users can pay via online payment gateways/mobile wallets for the consultations. In the absence of a credit card/debit card/mobile wallets, the users can pay their consultation charges using their mobile balance. After consultation, if the doctor believes that the patient’s condition requires a physical treatment, the entire amount is refunded back to the user.  In addition to that, the patients can also upload pictures of affected areas and medical reports to get a more precise diagnosis of their condition. They can also book diagnostic tests from the comfort of their home. DocsApp plans to connect the healthcare ecosystem in a way that patients will have an easy access to healthcare services.

DocsApp covers over 15 specialties, supports 17 different languages and has a dedicated team of 1,200 doctors.