Home Startups Firefly: Making life easier through home automation

Firefly: Making life easier through home automation

Firefly: Making life easier through home automation

The technological advancement in every field has made our life so easier that we have become totally dependent on it. However, there are instances where we have to do certain things manually and we find ourselves very lazy in doing so. Moments when we forget to switch off lights, ACs and fans before going out of the room are one of the example where going all the way back to the room just to switch off those equipments makes us feel very lazy. Sometimes, when we have to get up from our seat and switch on electronic equipments that are beyond our reach gets very annoying. This is when Firefly comes for our rescue and saves us from chaos and hassle of doing the unnecessary work.

FireFly Home Automation has been working towards making our life easier by replacing the manual effort done in switching on/off the electronic equipments through complete automation. With the availability of modulated, affordable and easy to operate home automation appliances, FireFly has provided people with a lot of convenience. It works with the help of a wireless module which controls

lights, fans and other electrical appliances via the user’s smart phone. FireFly’s affordable home automation services is making every home technically smart. The module through which it has been created is user friendly and easy to understand with extensive options of customisation available for the users. The appliances are inexpensive, can be easily installed in android phones,iOS, comes with single touch accompanied with a timer for recurring tasks, works well through internet and wifi, can be accessed through multiple users and can be used for unlimited electronic equipments.

The first two products launched by FireFly are firefly 2.0 and firefly 2.1 which are priced at Rs 1,790 and Rs 2,390 respectively. Furthermore, FireFly also gives home kit offers to its customers which includes packs of these two products and is a great deal for saving funds. The entire range of the FireFly products can be checked on its official website and once you are done selecting the product you want, you can order it instantly and experience the new avenues of comfort, ease and convenience.


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