Home Startups FriendKnows : A unique platform for reviewing

FriendKnows : A unique platform for reviewing

FriendKnows : A unique platform for reviewing

FriendKnows is a reviewing platform that was founded by Tarun Agrawal and Venugopal Allenki to help customers get structured consumer review regarding the product they wish to buy. The shopping experience today has become very convenient because of technology and internet. However, at times it gets difficult to find the best quality of products because of the ambiguity of the feedback and reviews provided by other fellow customers. The reviews being unstructured and unsystematic creates confusion and apprehension in the mind of the consumer who is willing to buy it. This is where FriendKnows comes into the scene. This unique startup assists customers in taking informed decision through social connections, personalisation as well as analysis. This process ultimately leads to the production of effective insights which in turn improves customer satisfaction as well increases business efficiency.

FriendKnows doesn’t work through the traditional procedure of written reviews and therefore, puts in use product (or service) specific characteristics based review interface. Furthermore, it provides its customers with convenient analytical tools in order to give them precise search results based on their specified criteria such as demography and personalised interests. In addition, the collaborative tools provided by the startup gives its customers a chance to interact with like minded consumers as well as business which ultimately gives them the much needed confidence before they make their mind towards buying a particular product.

FriendKnows works through an extensive network where it gives emoticon based review approach to collect the comprehensive feedbacks instantly. It also offers easy and interactive graphs which assists consumers in narrowing down the results accompanied with a broader demographic view of the reviews to come up with an informed and desired choice. In addition, it gives its customers the option of personalised search, collaborative tools as well as an integrated technology that helps them to analyse reviews anywhere and everywhere on any digital device.

Presently, FriendKnows is bootstrapped and is offering its services to various Spa, Salon, Gym & Fitness and Movies categories in Hyderabad. They are working with around 300 clients who use this platform to receive and analyze feedback. In future, the startup aims towards launching FriendKnows for a vast product lines as well as services.