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The innovation and creative Indian startups

Few Indian startups that are raising millions of fund

The innovation and creativity of Indian startups have made them a huge success not only in India but, globally too. There are plenty of such startups which have acquired funding’s and are working towards paving strong roads of success through their concrete vision and mission. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  1. LetsTransport: LetsTransport is a startup that is working in the field of logistics. It won’t be wrong if its efficiency in trucking is compared to that of Uber services. It provides its customers with GPS-enabled trucks, status updates, transparent pricing methodology, round-the-clock availability accompanied with extended customer support as and when required. It recently acquired a funding of US$4 million in the second round of funding from NB Ventures accompanied with GMO Venture Partners, along with participation of its existing investor Rebright Partners based in Japan.
  2. Betaout: Betaout is a software as a service startup which enables efficient working of e commerce companies by providing them with all-in-one marketing software on the cloud. This software ranges from the analysis of visitors accompanied with constructing user personas. In addition, it also has personalized multi-channel engagement. This startup has recently acquired an undisclosed amount of funding from East Ventures. The fundings will be used in the expansion of the startup in the South east Asian market to make its hold stronger in the competitive market and get a competitive edge over its competitors. Tokopedia, an Indonesian firm is one out of the many clients of Betaout.
  3. Tinystep: Tinystep, as the name suggests is a social networking site that deals with parenting. It recently grabbed a funding of US$2 million from the exclusive Indian e commerce startup Flipkart. Flipkart aims to leverage the the user community of Tinystep to build a strong network of customers for its extensive range of baby care products. The startup’s initial investors included Matthew Glickman, who happens to be an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley and co founder of BabyCenter, which has a whooping reach of 45 million parents all around the globe every single month.

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