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Jugnoo launches its cab aggregator service

Jugnoo launches its cab aggregator service

Jugnoo, a Chandigarh based auto aggregator has taken a step forward and ventured into the cab aggregator service. Initially, it has limited its service to Gurugram accompanied with a fleet size of about 100 cabs.

Jugnoo paved new avenues of success when it began its service of working as an auto rickshaw aggregator. Later on, it went into further expansion of its business in fields of food and grocery delivery. It always had an eye on the cab aggregator area and was waiting for the right time to come up with its launch. Witnessing the recent strike of Ola and Uber cab drivers, it instantly launched it service by grabbing the right opportunity and utilising it to fullest. This service has been launched in Gurugram as a pilot and shall soon be expanded to other cities as well.

If the sources close to the firm are believes, it is expected that the cost of Jugnoo’s cab services would be a little higher in comparison to that of its current counterparts. Chinmay Agarwal, the CTO at Jugnoo believes that the prices that Ola and Uber offer are unsustainable in the long run of business so they intend to plan a different pricing strategy altogether. Though, it is believed that the pricing might change over a period of time.

The customers who intend to take this cab service, need to download the app from Google play store or I store and book their cab according to needs and preferences. Jugnoo has come up with this new service at a time when drivers all around the India are in need of an alternate solution for earning incentives as well as getting a decent amount of income.

Jugnoo was launched in November, 2014 and has been working as a leading auto rickshaw aggregator by offering its services across 40 cities of India and doing a daily transaction of around 40,000. Furthermore, it has over 12,000 within its brand name at present.

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