Home Health Startups LeanSpoon: Providing healthy food accompanied with great nutritional advice

LeanSpoon: Providing healthy food accompanied with great nutritional advice

LeanSpoon: Providing healthy food accompanied with great nutritional advice

Earlier it was seen that a diet plan covered the need of almost everyone. However, with changing lifestyle and needs, the diet plans of people have also changed considerably.

Today’s modern world is witnessing the growth of ambitious people where most of the couple prefer to work. And, it is often seen that when both the husband and wife are working, the problems related to healthy food comes into the scene. Such issues often makes it difficult for couple to balance their work life. So, in order to get a permanent solution for this issue, Gopi Lingala and Saneesha Rao, a working couple came up with the idea of a startup named “LeanSpoon” which is working in the field of providing personalized healthy food to individuals in accordance with their need and preferences. LeanSpoon was founded in May’ 2016 after the duo realised that there was a huge gap in the market when it came to healthy nutritious food.

The startup’s initial operation was  bootstrapped with a bank loan taken by the duo accompanied with their personal savings. They used these funds wisely and hired a team of efficient nutritionists and chefs who had to prepare healthy meals in accordance with the diet requirements of individuals. Within a span of year, LeanSpoon has managed to build a skilled team of 20 individual which includes a culinary team and a nutritionist team. The startup is very particular about the quality and hires only experts with ample experience accompanied with a degree of nutrition.

The services given by LeanSpoon can easily be accessed by logging in the official website of the startup and filling a form which asks for all the necessary requirements. Once this done, the customers can easily get their personalized meals on the delivery address mentioned. Furthermore, they have subscription plans ranging from weekly, monthly or quarterly pack which includes 5, 22 and 70 meals respectively. These plans also gives one the option of availing nutritionist’s advice for better health.

Presently, LeanSpoon caters to the needs of around 1,000 order per month and is looking forward towards its growth and expansion.