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Successful Indian innovation startups

Successful Indian innovation startups
In a world where one bad review can bring down a business, this startup is showing hotels how to improve business by making disappointed customers happy. Credit : indiatimes

There are plenty of Indian startups that are making their presence felt nationally as well as globally with their innovation, creativity accompanied with enthusiasm and the zeal to work hard. Let’s have a look at few of them.

  1. Promethean Energy: Promethean Energy is a startup that works in the field of assisting firms and enterprises in saving energy costs and reducing emissions with the help of its effective energy-conserving products. Clean environment is a major concern for Earth right now and this startup is working efficiently by enabling and motivating companies to save the environment while saving on costs.
  2. Quizworks: It is a Bangalore based unique and creative startup that assists college students as well as companies in organising various quiz events. The startup takes the help of quizzes to promote alternative learning and brand building midst its users. Till now, this creative startup Quizworks has worked with about 80 clients which includes big firms like Tata Motors, Microsoft as well as SRM University.
  3. RepUp: It is a Gurgaon based startup which works as a SaaS product. It assists hotels in managing its customer experience by dealing with online customer reviews. This helps hotels in having good customer ranking. Furthermore, RepUp is also working as a content partner for TripAdvisor. It also acquired a seed funding in November 2015 from the Indian Angel Network.
  4. Greenlit: This startup works in the field of manufacturing LED lights for customers as well as industrial use. It started with a vision to make them more suitable for the unreliable supply of electricity in various parts of India. In such conditions, even the imported LED lights often fail to work properly.
  5. Fundamentor: It is a Pune based educational startup which uses innovative method of gamification and few other methods to make learning fun and interesting for kids in the age group of 8-15. These creative games help in developing quantitative, verbal, data inference, and creative thinking aptitude midst school students.

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