Home Education Startups SugarMaths: A startup that makes Maths easy and super fun to study.

SugarMaths: A startup that makes Maths easy and super fun to study.

SugarMaths: A startup that makes Maths easy and super fun to study.
NEERAJ JEWALKAR Founder and CEO at Sugarmaths.in.

Maths as a subject is often dreaded by many. The numericals, equations and theorems can give anyone a tough time. There are times when we wish if there was any easier way of understanding the complicated concepts of Maths.

This is where technology comes for our rescue. With the high pace of technological growth, the world is witnessing the creation of various startups and these startups are here to solve all the issues that we ever faced. Even if it’s solving our mathematical problems, startups are at our service. In this context, a startup named “SugarMaths” has come into existence to eradicate the misery students face because of Maths. SugarMaths basically works as a National Level Maths Proficiency Program which works efficiently by covering all the mathematical topics deeply with the help of automated learning methodology.

The facilities offered by SugarMaths can be availed by logging in through Facebook or downloading the app from Google play store. It makes learning fun and easy by making the students understand the concept through various games. These games are designed in a way that it covers all the mathematical topics easily while inducing a fun element in these educational games. Apart from providing conceptual clarity, enhancing numerical ability and increasing concentration power, SugarMaths also assists students in evaluating themselves through a 360 degree performance analysis at the end of the game.

The topics to be covered are divided into 9 belts i.e. 9 sections. Each section is denoted by a colour from white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown and black. The white colour indicates the initial level and the black colour denotes the highest level.  SugarMaths works through a proprietary methodology named Variable Keystone Active Space Technique (vKast) which enhances the learning process of students.

The startup guarantees that a minimum 10 minutes per day with the app can help students immensely in brain development. The membership consists of 6 months, 12 months and 24 months with a fees of Rs 594, Rs 990 and Rs 1980 respectively. It covers the syllabus of class I-X with over 3000+ skills in structured questions.




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