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Indian startups excelling in every field


In recent years, the startup industry in India has paved new avenues of success with its innovation and hard work. From acquiring large amount of funds to expanding their business globally, the startup industry has done it all. Let’s have a look at few of such startups which are exploring new dimensions of success and growing day by day.

1. Legal Docs: Legal Docs is an online portal which gives its users a variety of do it yourself tips to understand the whole of legal procedure including rental agreements, PoA registrations etc which otherwise are very time consuming, expensive and dependent on multiple parties. Legal Docs assists its users in documenting, verification, validation accompanied with online registration. Presently, it is working in collaboration with the Govt of Maharashtra for the e governance project. Furthermore, it also works in the field of providing Aadhaar based verification for the preparation of legal documents.

2. TaxGenie: The recent approval of GST bill has opened new avenues for the multi-billion software market for the compliance of GST. In this context, TaxGenie is an online platform which is going to assist the 30 million MSMEs in becoming GST compliant and ultimately manage and control their businesses with just a click of smart phone and spreadsheets.

3. Castiko: Castiko is a unique online portal that is disrupting the way entertainment industry works in India. Entertainment is no doubt a huge industry in India and comprises as one of the top 5 markets globally. However, casting which is the main element in bringing the best quality out of production is a time consuming, tiresome and hectic work for the casting directors. This is where Castiko comes in the scene and helps the casting directors discover, audition as well as cast actors by bringing the entire cast recruitment workflow together on an online platform. It helps both the actors as well as directors in finding the right choice at the right time and that too instantly.

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