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Indian startups paving avenues of success globally

Indian startups paving avenues of success globally

The Indian startup industry is paving new avenues of success with each passing day. In this context, a variety of Indian startups have been chosen under the program of 100 open startups which is held in Brazil every year. After a series of innovative challenges, the best startups which excel in these challenges are selected and out of these chosen startups, 100 of them are further selected for getting ranked as the 100 Open Startups of the year. The Indian startups which have been selected under this are as follows.

  1. R2 Robotronics: It is a Gurgaon based startup that works in the field of developing navigation systems for commercial drones for using it in ecommerce, agriculture along with surveillance. The cloud based system of this startup allows the server to assist in flying the drone. One of the co founders at R2 Robotronics, Aman Singh, specializes in robotics and is also an engineer.
  1. Inayo: It is a Mumbai based healthcare startup which makes the use of artificial intelligence accompanied with machine learning to come up with a personalized diabetes care app. The app monitors the patient’s calorie intake along with glucose levels and other activities. On the basis of this monitoring, the app provides the patient personalized recommendations accompanied with reminders for medicines as well as tests.
  1. Snackexperts: Everyone loves munching on savoury snacks but, snacks are not necessarily healthy. This is where Snackexperts came into existence and worked towards providing its customers with South Indian snacks with healthy ingredients and get it delivered to them across the country. It is an Chennai startup and is a delight for all the snack lovers out there who want to satisfy their taste buds and still be healthy.
  1. Trizzio: It is basically a quiz app that provides its users with a variety of quizzes and also rewards the ones who perform high. High performers are given gift vouchers, fitness trackers as well as mobile phones. Its target marketing is fulfilled through ad runs and in app purchases.

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