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Kypsa : A startup designing products as a way of life

Kypsa : A startup designing products as a way of life
Kypsa Founder

In a world where designs are usually meant to be connected with aesthetics & beautification, Kypsa is breaking cliches by converting this status quo. Founded by Shuchi Gangwal in the year 2014, Kypsa works towards solving rather than concentrating on mere beautification. The designs carved at Kypsa are very functional and doesn’t resort completely at doing everything pretty. The method and approach initiated by Shuchi is very unique and that is what keeps her clients hooked up to her exclusive designs. Kypsa basically Mumbai startup operates as a self-funded innovation & activation design studio which has a vision of designing products combined with a purpose of amalgamating it as a strategic tool in order to ‘BRING ALIVE’ product benefits and henceforth establish differentiation that delights and satisfies the needs and desires of the end-users. Members at Kypsa work very hard towards converting its clients needs into something authentic and beautiful. They bring product benefits alive by leveraging to create clutter breaking ways.

The designs at Kypsa are used towards unveiling opportunities which are further incorporated to build new, high-level activation & brand design strategy to solve problems through relevant proposition and product. The problem solving skills at Kypsa is unmatched and this is what gives it a competitive edge over its competitors. Problems are discussed, logic is applied and after the problem is analysed, appropriate solutions are found and the problem is fixed in a way which makes it seem as if it never existed in the first place.

Shuchi Gangwal, the founder of Kypsa has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of designing while working as a consultant at HUL. Her work has reached to a host of clients including MNCs like Unilever, startups as well as SME’s. Her forte lies in the field of holistic brand designing accompanied with knowledge-based selling & product led activations. In this context, Kypsa has partnered with a plenty of specialists and experts in the field of design, strategy, branding, product design, nutrition, chemistry, etc. The designs of Kypsa is being used by more than 45 brands including Unilever, L’oreal, Thinking Forks Pvt. Ltd which are spread across India, UK, South East Asia & USA as well.

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