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Retainalytics: Paving avenues for the perfection of mobile apps

Retainalytics: Paving avenues for the perfection of mobile apps

With the advancement of technological front, every business and industry have to gear up technically to have a competitive advantage over its competitors. The startups these days are giving their everything to carve the best of things out of the technology that drives them towards success by helping them in connecting and interacting with their target audience with just a click.

Today, every startup connects with its target audience through its mobile app. It has become the ultimate medium of marketing where the customers and the startups are literally a click away from each other. However, only building an app wouldn’t do the work, it is also very important to know the effectiveness of app for the startup. The performance management and the interaction of users with the app needs to be measured and reviewed.

Startups are supposed to be the problem solver of its customers but, there are times when startups also face certain issues. This is where

Retainalytics came into picture. Founded by Krishna Kiran Kasturi and Amba Babjee Dhanasetti, Retainalytics works in the field of analysing and reviewing the potential of Performance Management, Qualitative and Quantitative User Behavior Analytics which gives the product management team a thorough and clear insight of how the app is actually functioning and ultimately guides them to correct faults if found any. Furthermore, it closely analyzes the user interactions and comes up with a proactive and responsive analytics system in order to enhance the wanted behaviour and reduce the ill effects, errors arising out of poor, faulty interactions.

Retainalytics offers its services on a B2B basis for providing solutions to different mobile apps. The analytic data can be retrieved and used by other companies as well to enhance the efficiency and performance of their mobile apps. Features like easy integration, no codes, user segmentation, behaviour analysis, prelaunch analysis, retention analysis and correlation makes Retainalytics the ultimate problem solving startup of mobile apps. With Retainalytics in your hand, your mobile app’s real time problems are surely going to vanish soon giving you the much needed competitive advantage in the long run of business.


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