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Vensvell: Paving new avenues of Engineering in medicine

Vensvell: Paving new avenues of Engineering in medicine

With technological advancement in every front, the world is developing at a very fast pace. The medical industry has also benefited a lot from it. The advancement in the startup industry has also accelerated the growth of healthcare industry to a new level. One of such startup is Vensvell, which works in the field of reducing problems related to cardiovascular diseases. It assists heart patients through a device which monitors the patient’s heart activity as well as acts as a preventive measure against the cardiovascular diseases. A study tells that around 17.1 million deaths are the result of cardiovascular diseases These high rate of alarming deaths are a part of lack of adequate pre-stage diagnosis or lack of required technology while treatment. This is where Vensvell has come as a ray of hope for heart patients.

The device manufactured by Vensvell is a hybrid device carved with innovation and technology. It works by collecting medical data on Electrical activities, Acoustic activities and Muscular behavioral pattern of the heart of the patient. The device is made in the form of a tiny wireless mobile patch which is attached to the patient’s chest which works effectively without hindering the mobility or daily activities of the patient.

Once the medical data including electrocardiogram, phonocardiogram, myocardial activities etc is collected, it is analyzed through well equipped automated, intelligent diagnostic software. The analysis depicts the abnormalities of the heart. The recorded data is given to the patient which he/she can forward to the preferred doctor or any diagnostic facility for further treatment. The device goes a step further by creating a 3D model of the patient’s heart which can be seen by the doctor using augmented reality for helping in visualization.

Vensvell’s device is helping millions of people lead a health life. It is available in a tiny, wireless form for a price of INR 20,000 which is very convenient and affordable to an extent.

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