Home Startups Coupon.in : A coupon search engine providing exclusive offers to its customers

Coupon.in : A coupon search engine providing exclusive offers to its customers

Coupon.in : A coupon search engine providing exclusive offers to its customers

Coupon.in is an exclusive website based on promotions which works in the field of providing free deals and offers to the shoppers who buy online. The coupon codes and promotional deals of various websites like Amazon.in, Oyo, Shoppers Stop, Jabong.com,Flipkart, KFC etc are offered by this website.

Online shopping has become a craze within the past few years which has help the online industry touch new heights of success. Moreover, the tremendous growth in this segment has also triggered the online coupon segment which is followed by an approx of 13.5℅ of online customers. Also, if speculations are to be believed, it is expected that the online retail industry shall grow and expand at a rate of 62.9℅ per month.

Coupon.in came into existence in July 2013 and initiated with exclusive online coupons for almost all the big online retailers. The visitors could visit their website and avail exclusive offers and coupons. The best of deals from every sector including fashion, travel, furniture,groceries, books, software, gifts, food, online taxis etc are provided to the customers through coupon.in. It aims at providing its customers with the best of deals in just a click. Coupon.in has a competitive edge over its competitors by being a step ahead from them. It has a better user interface as well as analytics engine as compared to its counterparts. The website works on a structured basis which makes it easy for the customers to get a hold on the deals they need. A structured list of online stores is maintained on the website which helps the customers to  get great offers and maximize their savings which in turn helps the website in boosting its sale because of the repetitive purchases from the repeat and loyal customers. Coupon.in has a search engine which works on analytics and provides the users the best of deals in real time.

Coupon.in recently acquired a funding of $1 million which shall help company in further growth and development. It has partnered with around 200 online stores and has a customer base of more than 2 million who visit the website regularly for acquiring great deals, offers and coupons.


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