Home Startups Hardware startups fulfilling their social responsibility by solving huge social issues

Hardware startups fulfilling their social responsibility by solving huge social issues

Hardware startups fulfilling their social responsibility by solving huge social issues

There is no doubt about India developing every day and progressing with technology where people conveniently use social media platforms and smartphones. However, there are still parts of India which lack necessities of survival like water, healthcare, electricity, infrastructure along with education, leave alone the use of technology or smartphones. Half of India’s population lack the adequate access to these necessities.

In this context, plenty of hardware startups have come in the scene which are working as social startups and tackling these social issues. These startups have come up with the creation of products such as affordable contraction-monitoring device for women, a machine looking for water-borne diseases, an automated machine that makes low cost sanitary napkins etc. These startups are trying their best to improve the lives of the poor section of the society. Let’s have a look at few of them.

1. Swachh: If we go by the data, only a mere 12℅ of India’s 355 million of women of reproductive age get access to modern menstrual hygiene products such as sanitary napkins. Most of the women resort to the use of rags, newspapers to absorb the blood flow. It is one of the major reasons of 70% Indian women suffering from reproductive tract infections. Swachh, a machine designed by Saral Design solutions produces ultra thin sanitary napkins to improve the conditions of such women.

2. Janitri: The statistics show that an approx of 2 million newborns and 250,000 women die yearly during childbirth around the globe. In a country like India, which is home to such huge population, 80% of the childbirth are done without resorting to any medical assistance. This at times leads to incorrect monitoring of uterine contractions during childbirth which leads to severe consequences. In this context, Janitri created an affordable, easy-to-use, portable uterine contractions monitoring device to make childbirths safe.

3. Taraltec Reactor: Around 38 million people in India fall prey to water-borne diseases every year accompanied with 1.5 million child deaths as a result of fatal disease like diarrhea. Taraltec Reactor is a device which works towards the water disinfection by killing microbes in water from bore wells, hand-pumps, and motorized water lines and helps in mitigating water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid.

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