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Indian startups working with IoT won the Digital India Challenge

Indian startups working with IoT won the Digital India Challenge

India is facing a lot of social problems like infant mortality, lifestyle diseases, urban waste etc. However, technology is playing its part and is helping India solve these critical issues. In this context, three Indian startups which are tackling these issues have won the prestigious Digital India Challenge. This challenge is run by Intel in participation with MyGov and Indian government’s department of science and technology (DST). The Digital India initiative encourages the use of technology. Under this challenge, 10 startups were selected which got extensive 3 month mentoring along with hardware support from Intel. Ultimately, the three startups which emerged as winners showed the highest potential towards creating social impact through their sustainable business. Let’s have a look at these startups.

1. iNICU: It is a healthcare IoT startup which works towards minimizing the critical issues arising because of premature births. In this context, iNICU captures data from a number of resources through neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of hospitals. It is then put on analysis through cloud and in case of any alarming changes in the condition of the baby, the doctors and nurses are informed instantly. The startup is running plenty of pilot programs across various hospitals in Delhi and Mumbai. It is also working towards testing its product in small towns and remote areas.

2. Banyan Nation: It is a Hyderabad based waste management startup. It makes use of technology to combat and minimize the growth of urban waste in India. It deploys sensors, GPS and biometric attendance devices in bins and trucks with the help of civic authorities. The cloud-based analytics and IoT data assists civic authorities in managing its civic plans. Furthermore, Banyan Nation works towards manufacturing high-grade plastic from recycled material through segregation and addition of suitable polymers.

3. AllizHealth: It is a healthcare startup working towards managing the health of people with its preventive measures. It provides an integrated app by combining digital wallet with health trackers. Under the guidance of Intel’s Digital India Challenge, it created a prototype of a low cost wrist band which works through solar power. It instantly signals the caregivers through GPS if an elderly person falls so that they can be saved.