Home Startups RuddBuddy: Helping people explore their own city like never before

RuddBuddy: Helping people explore their own city like never before

RuddBuddy: Helping people explore their own city like never before
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RuddBuddy is a Hyderabad based startup working in the field of providing people with the fun and joy of experiential activities. Everyone loves traveling but, very few know to enjoy traveling to the fullest through exploring every nook and corner of the place they are visiting. With this concept in mind, Sudeep Reddy, the founder of RuddBuddy begin his journey of entrepreneurship. On one of his trips to Mexico, Sudeep explored the whole of the Spanish place with the help of his friend, enjoyed exotic local street food and cuisines and spent ample time with a local family. All this was made possible because of his friend who played the role of his travel buddy and gave him an experience of a lifetime. With these profound memories in his mind, Sudeep quit his job in USA and came back to Hyderabad with the unique startup idea of RuddBuddy.

RuddyBuddy began its work in May’ 2016 as a peer to peer marketplace where it organises activities and micro tours for its customers. These unique tours give people opportunities to find various things to do, gather local insights, share stories and the most significant part is meeting like-minded people with similar interests and thoughts. RuddBuddy offers tour in 8 categories of genres ranging from heritage walks across the City to pub exploration across the latest quirky hangout spots in the Hyderabad.

Within a span on one year, RuddBuddy has done exceptionally well and has successful planned more than 100 of such experiential tours. From providing micro tours to expanding itself to various activities and workshops ranging from puppy petting, miniature gardening and pub crawling, RuddBuddy has done it all. One of the main reasons of it being so popular is its curation of unique platform for individual RuddBuddies. The startup provides each of its user with a profile page from which they have access to browse, save, book experiences as well as offer experiences. Furthermore, it allows each user to personalize their profile page, share interests, write travel blogs, upload images along with building a network of like-minded people.

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