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Startups of India making a name for themselves with their innovation and creativity

Startups of India making a name for themselves with their innovation and creativity

The Indian startup industry is exploring new avenues of success because of the entrepreneurs who have the zeal, enthusiasm and courage to break stereotypes and look beyond their comfort zones. Their innovation, creativity accompanied with a firm mission and vision has helped them carve their success stories. Let’s have a look at few of such Indian startups that dared to think as well as excel in whatever they did.

1. Gig Production: This startup works through automated communication tool and helps the event organisers with management of pre-event and post-event audience engagement. It must be known that the communication tools used by the Gig helps in bridging the gap and instantly connects audiences and event organisers through Facebook messenger.

2. Maroon: It is an online portal working as a predictive analytics platform. It assists various firms and enterprises sales team in achieving up to 44% higher conversions on their marketing as well as sales leads which ultimately helps them in having a competitive edge over its competitors.

3. Rucept: It is an efficient and effective merchandising portal which works extensively in the field of helping high traffic content creators globally. It assists these content creators in monetizing their art as well as engagement through products without any investments in sampling, manufacturing stocking as well as distribution.

4. Healthfin: It is a healthcare startup working in the field of making medical procedures affordable for consumers. With medical insurances having low penetration, it assists consumers in garnering credit support for expensive medical procedures. Healthfin has an inventory of around 9500 diagnostic centers accompanied with more than 4000 hospitals and helps consumers in securing adequate funds along with helping them find the best of hospitals available and get the treatment effectively and efficiently. It is no less than a boon for consumers who lack adequate funds and appropriate knowledge regarding treatment.
5. Transporter.city: Transporter.city is a startup which works towards developing its SaaS product to assist firm in managing their logistics. Its SaaS product automates the whole of the last mile logistics planning and ultimately increases the same day delivery output to 95% accompanied with 25% lesser delivery fleet as well as 40% cost savings. It also helps the firms in enhancing their customer satisfaction which in turn attracts new customers and retains the existing ones.

6. Adya Inc: This startup basically works towards tackling cyber security threats which is very common for firms these days and approx 70% of the firms are affected by these threats globally. In this context, Adya Inc has developed a network and endpoint cybersecurity SaaS product which works extensively towards protecting enterprises from employee theft as well as ransomware.

7. CoPro: Crowd product (CoPro) works towards engaging the audiences during the events. Its tool helps in the smooth functioning of business events and conferences with its audience engagement services accompanied actionable insights generation and analytics for the organizers. It must be known that CoPro is already providing its exclusive services in startup events such as Nasscom Product Conclave 2016, TiE Product Showcases etc.

8. Extraaedge: This startup works as a hubspot as well as sales force for educational firms and assists them in generating a 3X RoI on their marketing and sales spend. It has come as a breakthrough in the field of educational enterprises where acquisition of students for educational institutions is inefficient and highly expensive.

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