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Troppo: A first of it’s kind of music app

Troppo: A first of it's kind of music app

Troppo is a Hyderabad based Startup music app catering to the musical needs of people. Music has become a way of life. Be it a party, hanging out with friends or even just sitting around doing nothing, good music sets up the mood. And, a personalized music app where anyone can add their favorite songs to a common playlist is no less than a cherry on the cake. Imagine going to a party and being able to play your go to song without actually handling the music system. Isn’t it cool? This is what Troppo does. This party music app effectively bridges the gap between the songs you posses on your smartphone, the songs present on your friend’s  smartphone and the songs present on the internet. You are free to listen any song anywhere. It is as easy as that. You can even add it to your playlist and share it instantly. Furthermore, Troppo allows you to listen and share song through cloud seamlessly. It expands your horizon of music taste by changing and morphing based on the friends you meet and the places you visit.

Apart from this, Troppo gives you access to search for the songs, albums and artists of your interest on the internet. It even goes a step ahead and works on curated recommendations based on your and your friend’s tastes and preferences. It has been designed in a way that it supports Soundcloud as well as Youtube. The users can even share songs and playlists with friends through WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS. It has a very user friendly interface which gives users a seamless experience with a single swipe.

The party feature of the app can be used by opening the app and hosting a party. Once your friends are in the same wifi network, they can join in and add their songs to the common playlist. With a user base of more than 45000, Troppo is surely going places with its increased popularity in India, US along with a few South American countries.

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