Home Startups Unfurl: An online platform for students to showcase their skills

Unfurl: An online platform for students to showcase their skills

Unfurl: An online platform for students to showcase their skills

The talent of students cannot solely be measured by their academic scores. This is where Unfurl comes in the scene. It is a startup working as a peer to peer knowledge exchange platform. Unfurl allows the students to create and build their personal profiles within their comfort zones along with connecting and working with like minded people having mutual interests in similar fields. It gives students the much needed exposure to sharpen, enhance and enrich their multi-talented personality apart from academics. Unfurl works through a set of analytics and empowers students about their skill by closely monitoring and highlighting their strengths along with understanding the areas which require improvement.

Founded by a trio of Krishan Mittal, ex-director of IT t Cadence, Ajay Singhal, an alum of IIM-Ahmedabad and Deepika, who works with the marketing department of the company, Unfurl is giving students the much needed encouragement and motivation to follow their dreams and do something out of the box.

Unfurl helps students build sustainable career and makes them industry ready by bridging the gap between them and the industry. At Unfurl, students can do their networking with fellow students based on their preferences and interests. In addition, this platform comes up with various creative and unique activities which helps the students to nurture their skills and hobbies.

For now, Unfurl is based in Pune and is concentrating on Engineering and Business Administration institutes across the city. It plans to expand its services to other metros and tier-II & III cities. Furthermore, it is also exploring opportunities to build its market in the US market. The subscribers of the app are increasing day by day. Recently, Unfurl paved new avenues of success by getting endorsed by ex-CEO of Future group. It is also being mentored by Arvind Chinchure who is an accomplished person and serves as an advisor on the board of various firms.

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