Home Startups AT Lead: Leading manufacturers of drones and UV implementations in India

AT Lead: Leading manufacturers of drones and UV implementations in India

AT Lead: Leading manufacturers of drones and UV implementations in India
Atif Inayat Khan Founder @ AT-Lead

Founded by a young entrepreneur, Atif Inayat Khan, AT-Lead is one of the leading company of drone manufacturing induced with GIS Mapping along with Drone Surveillance and Vigilance. This unique and innovative startup from New Delhi has paved new avenues of success with the help of an expert and dedicated team who expertise in cutting edge designs.

Atif’s first drone was the result of a R&D project he was working during his college days at NIIT. It was a 114-gram drone patented for its top-notch design, features along with its specialty in 3D Surface Area Mapping, Geotagging, and Live 3D navigation. He named it IUK, after his father Inayat Ullah Khan’s initial which was his gesture of thanking his father for his impeccable support throughout his struggle and journey.

However, Atif’s real journey of entrepreneurship begin once he started working towards gaining government’s attention towards his brain-child AT-Lead. The drones were shown to the Delhi police. It received a lot of appreciation, however some licensing issues occurred for manufacturing because of certain security issues and it didn’t really work out further. This was the time when Atif decided to get his drones manufactured overseas and got associated with major drone companies such as XProHeli. Another company, Hubsan also invested INR 60 lakh as a seed funding in AT-Lead. It helped the firm expand its manufacturing unit to a much larger scale. Finally, his long, enduring struggle paid off and, today AT-Lead has an extensive client base of 13 international clients including big names from Japan, China, Indonesia, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Malaysia, and the US. Currently, AT-Lead is handling projects related to Precision agriculture and Petrochemical surveillance along with plenty of other projects on GIS Mapping and Entertainment drones.

AT-Lead has a team of 102 employees and has plans to acquire a turnover of Rs 60 crore by 2018.

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