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MyClassBoard: An impeccable software for schools

MyClassBoard: An impeccable software for schools
myclassboard CEO Ajay Sakhamuri

With technology gaining momentum in each and every field, the education sector cannot remain far behind. It has and it should equally benefit from the enormous facilities the technology bestows on us. Moreover, India happens to be the second largest market comprising of e-learning after US. This is evident how the educational system in India is transforming for good. Keeping this thought in mind, a young entrepreneur named Ajay Sakhamuri came up with the unique software ‘MyClassBoard’. The software came into scene in the year 2007 with a vision of contributing towards the technological development of the Indian education sector. In the initial years of its inception, the focus was kept on the software’s product development. The team involved in the development of MyClassBoard worked extensively for its success and made significant connections with large school chains to incorporate the use of MyClassBoard. The year 2009 witnessed the offering of free of cost pilot projects of the software in these schools to acquire their valuable reviews and feedbacks. The hard work and efforts contributed significantly in the seamless development of the software where these feedbacks were analysed and the software was modified for perfection. After the complete development of the software, it was introduced and scaled across various schools.

The journey which began 8 years back has carved MyClassBoard as the most sort after educational software. With an extended client base of more than 1200 schools, this software is providing its value added, quality services to an approx of 9 lakh children across the country. In fact, MyClassBoard went a step ahead and developed customized, tailor made modules to suit the needs and preferences of each and every school. The unique incorporation of module-wise sales gave it a competitive edge and made it a top-notch educational software in no time which is being widely used throughout India.

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