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4 rising startups of India

Fingerlix Founders - Shreekrishna Bharambe, Abhijit Berde, Varun Khanna and Shripad Nadkarni

Indian startups continue to impress investors and get huge amount of fundings because of their unique ideas. These fundings help them expand, explore new dimensions and pave solid avenues of success. Here’s a list of few of the such startups.

1. Fingerlix: As the name itself suggests, the delicious food offered by the food tech startup will leave you licking your fingers and asking for more. Fingerlix is basically an online portal based in Mumbai which is working towards fulfilling the cravings of foodies all around with its ready-to-cook food. The main staple of this unique startup includes Curries, dals, batters, and parathas. Its product mix also includes multi-grain idli batter, a biryani mix and puran poli. Though food startups are finding it difficult to acquire fundings lately, Fingerlix has managed to impress its investors and has acquired a funding of US$3 million from Zephyr Peacock. The investors found the idea of serving ready-to-cook food with pure ethnic taste very unique and is something that is need of the hour for urban India where people are living a fast paced life and have very little or no time for food. Fingerlix will use the funding in expansion of its business in 10 other cities.

2. Tyre Express: It is also a Mumbai based startup working in the field of building IoT product. The IoT product helps fleet operators in management of performance of tyres along with its tracking. These operations improves the life of tyres, enhances the efficiency of fuel and considerably reduces the rate of accidents. Recently, Tyre Express acquired an undisclosed amount of seed funding from an angel investor. Earlier, it got its funding from a New York based investor through IvyCamp. IvyCamp works with a network of global alumni and connects entrepreneurs with investors and mentors to help them be successful in the long run of business.

3. Sminq: This unique startup is known as its acronym “Sminq” which is a quirky short form for ‘See Me In No Queue’. The name itself says it all. Sminq basically works as a queue management app and lets users get an idea of the queues in clinics of Pune. It was founded by Shachin Bharadwaj, Sheldon Dsouza, and Santhosh N in the year 2015. Recently, in a cash-and-equity deal, it got the acquisition of CodePandora, a SaaS company working in the field of developing UX/UI design, mobile and web app development along with software development and data visualization where it helps its users in presenting data in the form of graphs and charts. It also is a Pune based startup founded by Bjorn Mascarenhas in the year 2012. This recent acquisition will help Sminq in developing its UX technology.

4. Fyle Technologies: It is an expense management app founded in February 2016 by Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan and Yashwanth Madhusudan, former Qubole employees. Fyle assists its users in managing expenses by letting them file their expenses into the system. Once the expenses are filed, Fyle works towards extracting and sorting data from emails and receipts. In addition, it checks and compares every transaction done with the company policies in order to safeguard its users from any kind of fraud. Recently, it acquired a seed funding of US$400,000 in an investment round carried by Pravega Ventures, an initial stage venture firm. The seed funding round also witnessed participation of big names such as Beenext, Phanindra Sama, co-founder of redBus, Richa Kar, co-founder of Zivame along with Joydeep Sen Sharma, co-founder of Qubole. Presently Fyle is going through an extensive pilots with enterprises and has around 25 customers who are using its services.

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