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6 Innovative Tech Companies That Started in Manchester

DueCourse founders Tim Borden, Paul Haydock, Jonathon Grove

From IT services to interior design innovation, Manchester is home to some of the country’s most contemporary tech companies. Here are six of some of the most outstanding companies that cover a spectrum of tech services.

Digital Bridge: Manchester Science Park is home to Digital Bridge, a computer vision company focused on interior design. Founded by David Levine in 2012, the site aims to fill the gaps in human imagination and inspire design. In 2015 the company received an award for ‘Retail Startup of the Year’, selected by Europe’s top retail executives. Levine mentions how the business thrives in its Manchester location: ‘There is a very real technology hub growing in Manchester and it’s great being in the middle of, especially being at Manchester Science Park where so many innovative projects and businesses are located.’

Digital bridge converts real world scenes to digital form, allowing users to take a picture of a room and manipulate. They can change features such as wall colour, furniture and flooring. The platform recognises the 3D geometry of the image, giving the user a realistic picture of what the room would look like with each interior choice.

The site is aimed at interior designers, home decor brands and retailers. Clients can improve and increase business using the tool as it save the time of trial and error testing of features such as paint colours and wallpapers.

BCN Group: In 2009 Wilmslow entrepreneurs Simon Kelf and Matt Smith Formed BCN Group, a tech company specialising in IT support and services. Securing profitable revenue in its first year, BCN continued to succeed; securing partners including trusted manufacturers Microsoft and Dell.

The company offer a wide range of services, from IT services and support to collaboration and continuity. They aim to improve business processes in terms of productivity, security, efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

They cater to the public health sector and government as well as private clients, demonstrating a range of experience across all IT areas. The interactive BCN client portal allows clients to access to any IT support services. With just the click of a button they can request quotes, manage invoices and check progress.

Reason Digital: Tackling social issues using tech are Reason Digital, the Manchester team has earned many accolades since its founding in 2008: Big Chip 2016 winner, Digital Agenda Impact awards 2017 finalist and shortlisted for the 2016 charitytimes Awards.
They focus on digital projects that help fight causes such as violent crime, addiction, food poverty and diseases such as HIV/AIDS, dementia and diabetes. They have a strong focus on people over profit, working closely with clients to achieve maximum results on a minimum budget.
They have worked with charities such as The Trussell Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust and Alzheimer’s research UK – creating award winning websites and apps that strive for social justice. One of their local projects aided The Children’s university of Manchester in a complete rebranding. They rebranded to make the brand modern and more likely to engage young people, allowing them to continue providing educational services to the community of Manchester.

DueCourse: Aiding small and medium sized businesses take control of their cash flow are DueCourse. The company was founded by Paul Haydock, Jon Grove & Tim Borden in 2014. The three founders being experienced small business owners identified issues with cash flow control and decided they wanted to help others and solve this problem.
Their innovative technology allows customers to securely access money that remains in unpaid invoices. They provide features that benefit users, allowing their business to thrive. Service is completely confidential meaning business customers will not know that you have used DueCourse. The site provides a 5 step guide for users, making the process as simple as possible. Users can create a free account and receive a no-obligation quote within minutes.

Partners of the firm include accountants such as Hallidays, Will Taylor and My Accountancy Place. Founder Paul Haydock states: ‘We want to be seen as a new kind of cash flow utility – once a business has linked their accounting package for free, DueCourse is simply there in the background for them to access the money in their unpaid invoices whenever they need it.’

Personyze : Personyze aim to create website experiences that are personal to each individual. Founded in 2008, they specialise in making site visitors happy. Since starting, Personyze have provided over 3,000 clients with personalised online marketing.

The platform is accessible to marketers, meaning no tech experience is necessary. Personyze’s suite of tools aids in analysing sites and making changes based on visitor use. This helps businesses reach a wider audience as well as engage visitors.

A range of Personyze plans are available, with annual or monthly payment options. They offer a free package for those with little budget and providing support via email.

Radio.Co : Radio.Co is based in Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter and provides a livestreaming platform that allows anyone and everyone to create their own online radio station. Founded in 2014 by CEO James Mulvany, Radio.Co engages listeners to become creators of their own unique audio experience.

The site runs using the cloud and has features that are easy for users to navigate. Users can integrate their station or platform to their social media sites as well as check analytics to see how many people are listening and when.

The site is not exclusive to users who want to create their own station, many clients include musicians, restaurant chains, gyms and other businesses who want to create a music stream. The automation feature allows songs to be scheduled at any time, meaning no awkward silence often encountered at the end of a playlist or album.

Radio.Co is an innovative platform as it appeals to such a wide audience. The user friendly nature means you don’t have to be a tech expert to use it – no coding required. There are three possible price plans starting from £23 a month. Each package has unique features to suit your needs, whether you’re an aspiring DJ, broadcaster, or fully fledged station.

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