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Cine tag: The one of its kind of cast and crew review app

Cine tag: The one of its kind of cast and crew review app

In a recent development, India saw the launch of its first ever, unique and innovative cast and crew review app. This online portal is already creating upsurge in the entertainment industry with its unique approach of reviewing. Cine tag, unlike other reviewers doesn’t limit itself with the review of the movies but, goes a step ahead and reviews the whole crew and cast of the movie. And, to top it all, it doesn’t do it itself. In fact, it allows its users to do the honours. Yes, you heard it right. This unique app is available for both Android and iOs, where the audience is the reviewer who get the opportunity to rate and review the new movies individually by rating the entire cast and crew involved in it. How cool is that!

Cine tag has been created by Synchrony Interactive Service Pvt. Ltd which aims at building an awe-inspiring relationship amidst the reviewer and the movie by giving them a chance to rate the 02cast and crew. This low storage app lets the users post reviews instantly once they have been verified through an authentic phone number or a Facebook account. Cine Tag has stern verification rules to avoid spam users and promote good content.

The app is very user-friendly. The function of the app begins when it posts the intricate details about the trailer review before the film is about to release. Further, it allows its users to check the review posted through the app by logging in their Facebook account. Once you are done with the movie, a push notification telling you to write the complete review comes. It is as simple as that.

Cine tag is definitely a new and fresh approach towards promoting and reviewing good movies through genuine and authoritative reviews on recent movies along with the entire cast and crew. It is seamlessly serving as a link between a fan, celebrity and the film crew which values their good work and encourages them to do better through their honest reviews.

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