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Freshistry: A one of its kind of startup that allows people to customize their cosmetics

Freshistry: A one of its kind of startup that allows people to customize their cosmetics

The growing use of technology and mobile have made the customers well-informed and updated regarding every field. Be it the food industry, automobile or even the cosmetic industry, they know it all and want the best of the products and services. In fact, with a plethora of cosmetic options available, the makeup and cosmetic industry is seeing a constant upsurge. The competition has become stiff and the competitors out there are putting their best foot forward to entice and satisfy customers. Moreover, in order to stand amidst the competition, everyone is trying to be unique and creative.

This is where Freshistry comes in the scene. In a world where everything can be customised and made to order, why should the cosmetic industry be behind? With this thought, a young entrepreneur, Rashi Arora came up with the idea of her unique cosmetic startup, Freshistry. Wondering how is it different from the existing beauty and cosmetic startups? Well, unlike her counterparts, Rashi saw the gap of customisation in the cosmetic industry and carved a niche for herself.

Freshistry goes beyond the typical makeup products and allows its customers to personalize their makeup products themselves. Isn’t it cool? Presently, its product line consists of cream, hair cleanser, lotion and face cleanser. So, now instead of relying on beauty companies for getting the products that best suits your skin, you can actually do it yourself through Freshistry. All you need to do is login at this online portal, choose the product you need, select the base, herbs, fragrances and colors you want in your product and you are done. Your freshly customized product will be at your doorstep in a while. And, to top it all, you can even name the product after you and give it an extra personal touch. Could it get any better?

In a short span of 3 months, Freshistry has managed to generate a traffic of 5K and produced 1000 unique products. Freshistry is definitely going places and is here to stay.

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