Home Startups GrabOn launches its price comparison tool BestPriceOn

GrabOn launches its price comparison tool BestPriceOn

GrabOn launches its price comparison tool BestPriceOn

GrabOn which disrupted the whole online shopping experience of people with its launch 4 years back has continuously been doing innovations to give its customers a seamless customer experience. With a tagline of “save on everything”, GrabOn undoubtedly is the best coupons and deals company that lets people save abundantly while shopping online. Its extensive features including creative buzz notification, auto applicable coupons through a browser extension etc across food, fashion, clothing and almost every online outlet has impeccably taken coupons and discounts to an altogether new level.

Riding high on the success of GrabOn, its founder and CEO, Ashok Reddy recently came up with the launch of BestPriceOn and forayed in the field of price comparison market. It is a high-end comparison tool that works as mobile phone comparison website and makes the customer’s search and shopping experience par excellence. Built with extensive features of Natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, BestPriceOn is a one stop destination for a customer’s layman search where they can get effective and relevant search results without putting any difficult jargons or specific keywords. It does not only understand the customer’s behaviour through artificial intelligence but, also works extensively towards giving them the best shopping experience instantly.

BestPriceOn has entered this competitive price comparison market with a thorough and deep study of the competition along with customer’s preferences and demands. Ashok Reddy got hold of a report published by KPCB which said that India witnessed the shipping of 27 million of smartphones in the first quarter of the financial year 2017. Furthermore, the extensive research revealed that a typical Indian customer searches an approx of 10 times before actually buying a smartphone. These data proved critical in the initiation of BestPriceOn. However, its services are not just limited to smartphones and it also gives best suggestions for buying other consumer electronic goods. BestPriceOn has a vision and aim of acquiring at least 10-15% of the total price comparison market in the coming 2 years.

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