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The growth of India’s deep tech startups

The growth of India’s deep tech startups

The Indian startup industry is witnessing an unprecedented upsurge in recent years. From fintech to IoT to artificial intelligence, Indian startups are making their presence felt in every field through its innovation, creativity and seamless work. This is the reason which prompted the global retail giant Target’s accelerator in Bangalore to select plenty of such intuitive Indian startups who are willing to explore new dimensions of success. Let’s have a look at few of them.

1. Cogknit: It extensively uses machine learning to enhance the text, speech as well as computer vision. Target has selected this startup to leverage its Al-tech platform in order to get access to a frame-by-frame account of the video on text. With a plethora of video contents on the board, Target wants to attract and retain its visually impaired customers too apart from its regular customers. This is where Cogknit’s voice-based transactions can be a major help for Target, making its shopping experience better for everyone.

2. Jumper.ai: With social media marketing becoming an imperative part of each and every ecommerce business, there has been an increase in the way people use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Jumper.ai is leveraging on these disruptions. In this context, it is working towards making social ecommerce seamless through extensive use of hashtags. It allows businesses to get a unique hashtag for their product which can be used across all the social media channels. Furthermore, the moment any user comments on the post, a Jumper.ai’s chatbot pops up and guides and influences the user to buy the product at once.

3. Cognitifai: It works extensively towards facilitating seamless inventory management by keeping a hold of the physical world through its computer vision. It keeps a check on the inventory as it replenishes and informs the retail store about the same in real time. It helps the store in stocking up the inventory beforehand which otherwise is a hectic task when done manually.