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The upsurge of the deep tech startups in India

The upsurge of the deep tech startups in India

The Indian startup industry has increasingly been inclined towards using artificial intelligence and augmented reality for catering the needs of people and paving new avenues of success. In this context, a plenty of deep tech startups have come in the scene and are exploring new dimensions of technological advancements. Here’s a look at few of the such impeccable and innovative startups.

1. Streamoid: With a focus on fashion and retail industry, Streamoid makes extensive use of artificial intelligence and image recognition technology for extracting out the exact product information through picture analysis and ultimately puts it in its AI engine in order to give contextual and customised results for exclusive fashion shopping. Its seamless services allows the customer to interact and get answers to all their fashion queries with just a click.

2. Light: It has been working extensively towards research and development for natural language processing and deep learning. Its product, NLP Bots has been helping businesses enhance their customer experience through automated interactions with its customers. It can easily extract the meaning out of texts, images, structured and unstructured data for consumers as well as organizational products.

3. Moonraft: It is in its initial phase of development and has been working towards developing a shopping assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It would help customers in trial rooms and would completely change the way people do shopping digitally as well as physically.

4. Phrase: It makes data interpretation easy for businesses by converting data into narrative and simple English. It makes the whole process seamless by effectively transforming numbers into readable words.

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