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Glamego: The best of beauty subscription box in India


In the contemporary world, makeup isn’t just another thing, in fact it’s an art that has been witnessing an unprecedented growth in the recent times, thereby developing a plethora of cosmetic options for the beautiful ladies out here. Cosmetic stores all over the world come up with new products every now and then to give you the experience of impeccable makeup. However, doesn’t it become confusing at times? What is best product to splurge upon? Which shade will suit you the best? A plenty of questions arises when we are looking for our perfect makeup products. This is where subscription boxes come in the scene. Our ultimate guide to get that beautiful look and flawless makeup. Did you know that a whopping 80% of women outside India use subscription boxes to be updated with latest beauty trends and brands? Well, slowly and steadily India is going the subscription way too and has welcomed various subscription boxes to keep the beautiful ladies informed about anything and everything related to beauty and makeup.

In this context, one of the fastest growing subscription box in India is Glamego. It allows its customers to get the best of beauty products that not only suits them but, saves their money from unnecessary products too. Either you want something for everyday use or are looking for products for special occasions, Glamego covers it all with their seamless social media presence. It’s popularity can be understood from the figures that show how it has reached an awe-inspiring followers of 5 million women in a short span of just 5 months. Isn’t that amazing? Their success story doesn’t end here. The official sponsor of Miss California, Manna Kadar has also associated itself with Glamego. Well, that speaks volumes about its unprecedented success.

Glamego has different subscription plans for different people and you can pick the one that best suits your needs and take your makeup game a notch higher!

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