Home Startups Zipker : An online shopping portal with a growth rate of 400%

Zipker : An online shopping portal with a growth rate of 400%

zipker Team
zipker Team

There are plenty of ecommerce websites and retail shopping startups that come in the scene every day but, sink in oblivion amidst the stiff competition. However, Zipker is a relatively new startup in the online market which has completely disrupted the way online shopping is done from past one year.

Founded by Arpan jain in the year 2016, Zipker became an instant hit amidst fashion enthusiasts because of its top-notch product line of fashion apparels. Not to forget the marketing strategies and the impeccable support of a great workforce which strives to give their best to the customers.

Arpan, the CEO and founder of Zipker completely believes in the fact that customers can make or break a business. Hence, he paved Zipker’s avenue of success in the form of a robust online portal which doesn’t only help the customers dress good but, also make them feel good. Be it a fashionista or a non-fashionista, Zipker makes sure to satisfy their customers with their incredible clothing line and best customer service. Furthermore, Zipker plans to expand its business and make online shopping more reliable and user-friendly for people.

From being clear about its mission, hiring the best of talents for their startup to being focused towards its goal and facing all the hardships, Zipker is one startup that did not stumble anywhere and made its name in the startup industry seamlessly.

The success of Zipker is evident from the fact that it has a whopping 3 lakh of orders delivered till date to its vast base of customers. In fact, its massive success in a short span of one year is a proof that with right strategy, vision and the zeal to excel, you can beat even the giants of ecommerce.

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