Unacademy an edtech platform raises $21 million 1

Unacademy an edtech platform raises $21 million

Bangalore based online Edutech platform Unacademy raises $21-million Series C funding round from Sequoia India, SAIF Partners and Nexus Venture Partners. Blume Ventures also participated...
Vizbi: Bringing self-service BI with power of Python/R/SQL to every data analysts 1

Vizbi: Bringing self-service BI with power of Python/R/SQL to every data analysts

The amount of data being generated is increasing every day. It is estimated that we are generating 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data, every day....

DarwinBox: A startup maximizing the value of human resource

Even in this technologically updated world where everything is mechanical and automated, the value of human resource cannot be neglected because every firm knows...

YoAccess- A startup providing world’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot network

YoAccess is a startup that came into existence in 2015 and was started by Jaikishan Jalan. Today's world is technologically connected and everything is...

Postman acquires a funding of $7 million from Nexus

Postman is a Bangalore based startup which assists developers in building, sharing and testing application programming interfaces (APIs). It was founded in 2012 by...

DailyHunt grabs a funding of $25 million from China’s ByteDance

DailyHunt is India’s leading news application which excels in the field of providing news and other contents in various local languages. India is a...

Success stories of Indian Start-ups

The Indian start-up journey paved its avenue few years back and now it is escalating new heights every day. Variety of Indian start-ups has...

Few Indian start-ups that are raising millions of fund

The start-up industry is becoming bigger and better with each passing day and Indian start ups are in no way lacking behind from their...

Get your interiors done through Slido

Everyone wishes to build their dream house as beautifully as possible. Be it the construction, view or the interiors, everything should be perfect. However,...

Indian hardware start-ups are making their presence felt

Indian start-ups are mostly known for its software innovations. However, recently Indian start-ups have also start coming in the field of hardware because of...

The success stories of Indian hardware start-ups

Intel’s Maker Lab for India has been helping Indian hardware start-ups carve new stories of success by providing them with the required infrastructure, tools...

KredEx, a startup helping small and medium businesses

In India, there are plenty of small and medium businesses which are facing issues because of late payment of invoices which creates a lot...