About Us

Startupsmeet is India’s leading media platform for Startups – serving and supporting the Startups network in India.

Startupsmeet is a venture of the Elite Global Solution LLP. We provide updated information on ‘Indian startups ’. The online users can avail the updated details provided on the ‘Startupmeet ’ to acquire the necessary knowledge and information to access the capital funds.

Startupsmeet has provided linkages among 1000’s of Startups to promote their business through our meet-ups, events, workshops & conferences and success stories published.. We have the credit to hold a sizable community of subscribers & social media followers to our newsletter.

Startupsmeet works in partnership with  Angel Investors, Venture Capital, Corporate and Government regulatory bodies –  in co-ordination with factors that affect the ecosystem. We have our gratitude to our associates and partners for their faith, constant support and guidance to fulfill our dream.

We render dedicated service among Startups with marking difference to succeed – pondering on the latest technology and trend. We focus on presenting holistic support to the Startups from Idea of scaling to the proposed expansions of the business.

Startupsmeet is one of the largest startup support organizations connecting people across countries. We are committed to motivate every Startups to function , learn,  collaborate, advise and enhance knowledge through an online platform. We provide a user-friendly platform that enables startups to work smarter, grow faster and increase their chances of success. We help startups globally by giving them direct access to an international network of the most relevant partners, investors, and mentors in their sectors.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make your business prosper connecting through right partners