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Not just another start –up. This one, is set to bring a change in our education system!

Not just another start –up. This one, is set to bring a change in our education system! 1

“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.” These words by our great Indian philosopher Chanakya, stand true even today. India has always been a country where the teacher is considered to be at the highest grade and given the utmost respect. We are a country that worships our gurus. However, in the recent times, there has been a rising issue of shortage of faculty across the country. From schools, to colleges and post-graduation institutes, all are facing an acute shortage of competent teachers that can teach the students of a progressive India. Even the premier most institutes face an acute shortage of competent industry ready faculty.

A recent example of how this issue is hampering education in our country is that Mumbai University eliminated the course of Rural Marketing from its syllabus and one of the reasons was acute shortage of faculty who can teach that subject. Now, if you ask a marketing professional how important is the knowledge of rural marketing in today’s time, the most common answer would be that it’s of utmost importance and that’s because the urban markets are saturated and most innovative products are now made to woo the rural audiences.

Considering that this as a highly alarming fact, FacultyConnect is a start-up company that stepped up and started their operations in March 2016. The young and vibrant co-founders Mr. Hersh, an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad and Mr. Faiz an MBA from IIM-Indore, apart from hailing from a finance background, they also share extreme passion for teaching. They decided to provide this platform that bridges the gap between the Institutes and the Faculties.

The company is currently based out of Mumbai, with over 1000 competent faculties that have tied up with them and 50+ premier institutes that source their faculty requirements through this platform. Their aspiration, as they say, is to ‘augment the quality of pedagogy in Indian education system today, by becoming a medium to link best-in-class Faculty to Institutes and bridge the gap between classroom education and practical application.’

Co-founder Mr. Hersh, who is also an economics professor at a premiere Institute in Mumbai, said, “We started FC (FacultyConnect) as there was a clear gap between what the students want, what the professors deliver and what the industry expects. As a professor, Hersh always came across this mismatch of demands and that’s exactly where the thought of FC came into mind. Hersh and Faiz, who is also the co-founder of FC, used to do this at a very micro level, even before FC was initiated. But, we realized that things have to be taken to a macro level in order to solve this national issue of acute shortage of competent faculties. We believe in the whole purpose of education, which is to turn mirrors into windows, as said by the great Sydney J. Harris.

He adds, “We have received an overwhelming response from the industry and we look forward to expanding our operations to other metro cities such as Delhi and Pune by the end of this year.”

Also, we look forward to being the sole medium through which we can educate, facilitate and connect the most sought-after faculties to the best Institutes in order to improve the quality of teaching in our country.”