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Express your thoughts with broadcast wear programmable T shirts


For a long time, T shirts have been an eloquent way to express yourself. Whatever be your T shirt from the faded T shirts that announce your football preference or simply your old white Tees with coffee stains, your T shirt announces to the world your personality. Imagine if you could change it all the time with the help of a digitally interactive Tee.

Let us take a look at the Broadcast Wear Programmable t shirt which is the best connected garment which looks cool and is worth wearing. If you look at it this amazing T shirt looks like  a simple white Tee but it is equipped with amazing power to enable you to share the thoughts you have upper most in your mind. With this T shirt you can express yourself and create a positive impression in the minds of the onlookers. It in fact defines the future of self expression and is an excellent way to communicate with the world at large.

Most people especially teenagers long for a T shirt that carries a particular message. Now it is possible to add your own luminescent message to the Broadcast Wear Programmable T shirt. You can use it to convey your thoughts and feelings or simply make a style statement with your own lighted digital T shirt.

This T shirt is quite easy to use and has waterproof LEDs which can be controlled by an app on the phone which allows you to write anything at all and that’s not all to it.

This programmable LED T shirt is not just a set and forget, LED, it is a live and connected entity which is run by a large brain meaning your iPhone. This and a smaller brain power which is built into the T shirt work together in conjunction to create any kind of message that comes to your mind and sends it straight to the LED. From simple text messages to animated images you can synchronize it with anything then process it and present it immediately on the Broadcast Wear Programmable T shirt. You can control the illustrations images or words with the help of Bluetooth using the app for iPhone.

The best part is that the Broadcast Wear Programmable T shirt cannot only be folded but also washed because it uses only white micro LEDs on the cloth background. Hence you do not have to worry about smelling awful or wearing an unclean T shirt.