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Paradigm Advancement of Chat society


Viresh always has actually been actually a passionate chaat enthusiast but what stopped him from consuming this very most loved finger-licking delicacy was actually the absence of high quality as well as care along with which it is made. That was when he performed his research in this chaat section as well as discovered that there is a significant potential in this particular section (that does not such as chaats in India?) but there a specific niche segment which is longing for top quality and care. What seemed to be a trouble was a possibility for Viresh– Lack of high quality as well as health was the void that needed to become packed.

That’s just how Khatti Meethi Chaatimes was actually born.

New Dawn
KHATTI MEETHI CHAATIMES is actually an appealing convergence of suggestions conceptualized through a Food lover and discovered through a Business person. The business owner recognized the option in chaat-segment and the food lover having traveled all over India longed for authentic chaats. Khatti Meethi Chaatimes is actually the consolidation of both of their suggestions to understand their dreams. You become a part of their desire to offer you the best-tasting Chaats with the affirmation of high quality when you take part in chaats at Khatti Meethi Chaatimes. The customer more popularly phones the location as Chaatimes. This was the start of a new progression in the taste Chaats in Bangalore !!

Began in 2013 Chaatimes right now offers “one platter every 2 sec is actually to walk-in consumers” and also “one order every 30 sec’s” online.

The start
No surprise at that point that Viresh’s and Prashant’s ‘Khatti Meethi Chaatimes’– a chain of Chaat-food joints focusing in Indian chaats has ended up being pretty a smash hit in Bangalore. Using certainly not simply appetizing Chaats yet likewise the guarantee of quality and tidiness.

While Viresh supported his entrepreneurial spirit because his college days (he operated a productive songs store), more education and lack of funding both could not take it additionally. For viresh the blaze to start something on his own never ever died. Revealing exactly how the concept to begin Chaatimes happened, he says, “The business owner in me maintained contacting”. Viresh last teamed up with Infosys as Pre-Sales professional as well as his work included traveling abroad frequently; his journeys in India and also abroad (while functioning) have given him the understanding that has been actually implemented in managing Chaatimes– Understanding fads, using the concepts of branding and also positioning; and preparing company specifications have been a result of his extensive taking a trip.

Prashant regularly is passionate regarding food items due to the fact that youth. He originates from a spot phoned Haveri from Karnataka; the place is actually loaded with gastronomes. He arises from a media history which aided him sampling food items from different locations as during his media stint as well as together trying various delicacies on his very own.

The combination of two capabilities has actually led in the development of a Chaat chain Khatti Meethi Chaatimes. Now they have actually distinct things understood around India being actually served under Chaatimes umbrella– Tokari Chaat, Misal Pav, Red Onion Kachori, Vada Pav, Dilli wali Puri Bhaji Jamoon, Indori Poha with Samosas and lots of more.

The story began along with a small electrical outlet at Hanumath- Basavangudi Nagar only opposite the renowned Rajanikath Bus Quit. Your business chose and purchases sized up and also the growth program began.

Rough Rides
Prashant and also Viresh started broadening the electrical outlets around Bangalore. The expenditure was actually via a bootstrap design and also they began increasing conventionally. Prashant felt the version of expansion performed certainly not maintain the flavor uniformity throughout all channels, there was a great deal of wastefulness and also threat of workforce (if gourmet chef quit, preparing one more in sooner opportunity was actually extremely challenging). This was actually when Prashant emerged along with the tip of a “chef-less” cooking area concept across all outlets of Chaatimes. The recipes regimentation as well as rationalized prep work of all ingredients eliminated 3 complications in one go– taste labor force, wastefulness, and inconsistency. The customer right now had the adventure of the very same flavor across all outlets of Chaatimes.

Viresh was actually a harbinger of the “Express Counter” principle and also Food items Vehicle. Along with the demonetization, the business did not go well and also Chaatimes was practically at the danger of closure. Today along with the “Chef Less” kitchen area idea Chaatimes is actually capable to service virtually 18 electrical outlets across Bangalore from Whitefield to Flight Terminal and also Jakkur to E-City.

Inflow of Chaaty Suggestions
That does not as if Chaat? Everybody just likes but can I acquire premium Chaats to observe me everywhere I go? This extremely thought created Viresh believe just how can he bring in Chaatimes mobile? When the Food items Truck took birth, that is actually.

The Chaatimes Food items Truck– first of its own kind in the Chaat sector came with the style of Excursion with Food Truck. The Tagline on its own is clear for the client to recognize the principle. With spoken word as well as social networking sites advertising Chaatimes Food items Vehicle now serves several celebrations throughout Corporate like Cisco, Infosys, Karnataka Tourist Organization, Mysore Dasera, and so on besides specific demands for a wedding event. The truck can service greater than 10000 clients a day and greater than 3000 plates. The Food items Truck services interstate criteria as well and also they have actually managed to service nearly all occasions coming from a tiny family get together to sizable Wedding Activities.

The going never stopped with Meals Truck … with offering the client across diverse financiers the 2 were actually presuming exactly how to fill the time-based food selection offered during the course of the treat to early morning slot also. That is actually when Prashant with the food lover’s brain featured the suggestion of One of its own kind breakfasts like the Dilli wali Puri Bhaji with Jamoon, Indori Poha with Samosa, Varanasi wali Kachori Aloo Sabji Jalebi.

Creating Lifestyle Chatpati
The Journey has actually been actually amazing with tough trips as well as smooth experiences, however the duo has never ever allow their spirits down. Every obstacle has actually been actually exchanged a gain. Both think there is actually a significant option in the food space to discover, innovate as well as provide. Their upcoming strategy is to grow to various other major areas as well as create Khatti Meethi Chaatimes one more Mc D of India Along With Khatti Meethi Chaatimes both want to make every client knowledge Chatpati!!!

When you enjoy in chaats at Khatti Meethi Chaatimes, you end up being a component of their aspiration to offer you the best-tasting Chaats with the assurance of high quality. No surprise at that point that Viresh’s and also Prashant’s ‘Khatti Meethi Chaatimes’– a chain of Chaat-food joints focusing in Indian chaats has actually come to be very a smash hit in Bangalore. The combination of pair of skills has resulted in the development of a Chaat establishment Khatti Meethi Chaatimes. Currently they have unique things understood throughout India being offered under Chaatimes sunshade– Tokari Chaat, Misal Pav, Onion Kachori, Vada Pav, Dilli wali Puri Bhaji Jamoon, Indori Poha along with Samosas as well as several additional.

The Chaatimes Food Truck– first of its own kind in the Chat segment came along with the concept of Barbecue along with Food Items Vehicle.