Home Startup News TinMen a food office delivery app rises funding from Lead Angels

TinMen a food office delivery app rises funding from Lead Angels


The start of New Year 2016 has been a year of progress and development. It has seen a lot of progress in Hyderabad city with new ventures coming into being, progressive events happening and investors getting busy looking for most promising startups to invest and help them progress. Lead Angles is one such Funding platform that funds the right company at right time and help it grow. This platform funded a Hyderabad based startup that delivers food to office called TinMen. The amount invested as angel round of funding was not disclosed.

TinMin the Food delivery startup aims to deliver corporate meals to office goers in Hyderabad at very affordable price. The starting price of a meal is fifty rupees. This startup has menu to fit into individual taste and also corporate meals menus on its site. The startup claims that it is technology enabled copy of Mumbai’s Dubbawalas and its food is prepared by home chefs and taste is relished by majority. According to Mukesh Manda, TinMen is a virtual café and first food delivery platform that offers B2B model in food sector. TinMen claims to do average of 8000 lunch packs per day and has forty percent customer retention.

According to Vinutha Rallapalli who is the Vice President of Lead Angels, Food technology space is widely discussed sector in these days and it is high time for a well designed and mature startup in the space. This fits into TinMen as it delivers Multi Restaurant services and multi cuisine at affordable and reasonable rates and it also has a unique delivery model. Lead Angels has invested in gem of startups TinMen  for sure and it is a stepping mile stone for both the parties in their respective lines and a lucky chance for their future plans and development.