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A Chennai-Based Reality Portal Taking Real Estate To Next Level With Unique Walk Through Videos

A Chennai-Based Reality Portal Taking Real Estate To Next Level With Unique Walk Through Videos 1

Land gateways in India are blasting like anything for the last couple of years. Aside from the enormous organizations like Housing and CommonFloor, there are additionally numerous different sites appeared in this fragment, yet despite everything they take after the customary method for posting the properties with no additional data. Sites like OLX and Quikr are loaded with the specialists whom both the landowners and occupants despise the most as a result of their substantial charges and not very great practices.
Being in the imaging business for over 2 decades, Thambu needed to make something one of a kind, that no others have done yet. The sentiment making energetic visuals of properties that are genuine and supportive to the general population who need it was something that he felt fits his energy and calling also. So after numerous tests & trials he began the entryway which is presently extended to a 10 man organization overcoming any issues between the proprietors and occupants in an extremely successful and productive way.
The site can be gotten to from any web empowered gadget. The guests are given an inquiry office where they can channel the properties as per their best needs and afterward have all the data about the property. Alongside these, they are given a stroll through feature, shoot in superb, demonstrating every last corners of the property so the inhabitants can have the precise feeling in the event that they were in the property itself.
After an inhabitant shortlists a few properties, the group contacts him and appoints a customer facilitator who takes the occupant to the properties and conclude the house. Along these lines, the occupant spares cash and time by minimizing the agent costs.
As a property proprietor or landowner, you get the choice to list your property on the entrance and one of the customer organizer reaches you. A period is altered when the feature shooting group and the customer facilitator come down to the property to shoot features and photographs. Each proprietor and property are confirmed by The Chennai Rental Property Videos group broadly. This strait down the possibilities of fake properties and intermediaries recorded on the entry furthermore the wastage of cash by the proprietors which must be paid to the representatives.