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BigFday – A Platform To Provide An Online Directory For Event Venues


We’re in that period of the start-up advancement where web business people are pursuing every single sloppy business sector. The thought is to locate an expansive portion that is disorderly, and attempt to bring it on the web. We had OTAs come in for flights, and then transports were amassed by redBus and others, then taxis, now trucks and a great deal more. Sabin Rodriguez, from Chennai, considers ‘getting sorted out venues’ for occasions are an immense business sector! “Six urban communities in India; we are effectively taking a gander at nothing under 15,000 venues. This incorporates inns, eateries, marriage corridors, party gardens, shoreline/visitor houses, and so on,” he says. What’s more, there are numerous more who’d concur with this. Case in point, there is Megavenues, which is really huge in India; VenueLook is pushing hard around NCR; ticketing stages like MeraEvents have additionally entered the space.

For BigFday, the trip has recently started. Venues are a beginning stage for BigFday, and Sabin is amped up for India’s USD 1.5 billion business sector. Clarifying the thought, Sabin says, “In today’s reality, an occasion organizer’s just asset is Google and JustDial sort of sites that give telephone quantities of the venues. So they call the venue, and visit the venue. At BigFday, we circled the city; gather abnormal state points of interest from venues, for example, seating limits, menu decisions, measurements of the corridor.” Bigfday likewise sends picture takers to the venue to shoot great photos of the venue so clients can settle on their choices on the web.

Costs at venues change taking into account date of the occasion, number of visitors, kind of nourishment and because of steady change in supply and request. On BigFday, a client can see the costs evolving progressively (like aircraft costs). BigFday likewise arranges. “In the event that you think about meal booking, you realize what I am discussing. The last cost of a venue is give or takes 50 for each penny (of the starting rate they quote), contingent upon your transaction abilities. For BigFday clients, we arrange,” says Sabin. They additionally deal with the logistics included, such as going to the venue to check everything is all together.