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Helpr Partners With B2B Supplier to Provide Better on Demand Services


At the point when Vijayramkumar Veeraraghavan needed to set up an on-interest administrations commercial center, he needed to abstain from aping the model followed in the West. The Founder and CEO of Helpr clarifies: “We understood that every single other player in India were attempting to copy the commercial center model from the West yet all around prepared, proficient, and dependable work for family unit administrations is uncommon in India.” He then made Helpr, which is a stage went for giving bother free, on-interest family benefits through in-house experts.

Since 2012, Vijayramkumar, Vignesh, and Rajesh were hoping to begin something in this space. Not just did they understand polished methodology in this fragment was in the same class as non-existent, yet there additionally was no responsibility. Rightly in this way, as technologists alone can’t possess up the whole life cycle of the on-interest administrations issue.

“There was obviously no shortage of interest yet quality supply was inadequate. So we were taking a gander at accomplices to tackle the supply side issue before we even began building the innovation segment,” includes Vijayramkumar.

The group chose to join forces with Avon Facility Management Services on the supply side. A player in the B2B portion, Avon gives Helpr vicinity in 23 urban areas and access to more than 22,000 prepared and police-checked experts crosswise over verticals.

It was strictly when 2013 that the trio took a gander at the thought behind Helpr all the more genuinely. “We began this as a dare to take care of the family unit administration issues and give the best of experience both on the item and the administration. We feel glad to convey back poise to the blue caught workforce,” includes Vijayramkumar.

Helpr as of late presented card installment and every one of its suppliers convey a card peruser. This is first in the business sector and hard to copy by its rivals, says Vijayramkumar, as their supply is typically long-tail people. The organization is available in Bengaluru and in two months the group plans to extend operations to Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. Before the end of 2016, the group expects to be live and completely operational in 23 urban communities crosswise over India.