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This Patient Engagement Platform Provides Video Consultation to Patients


“I don’t have a particular story or any agony point that I experienced which I attempted to unravel, on the other hand, to me taking up difficulties is the energizing part. We generally needed to fabricate something that inhabited make more “educated” choices,” says Satish K. Cheekala, Co-Founder of Doctors’ Circle. It had begun as a ‘patient engagement stage,’ which turned into a stage where clients can get answers to all their wellbeing related questions as recordings from specialists.

While a geek, Satish dependably had an entrepreneurial drive. He had at first begun Doctor’s Circle with a school companion in 2012 who moved out because of individual crises. In the wake of taking a shot at the item for a couple of months, Satish started scouting for somebody who had faith in his thought to assist shoppers with making more “educated” choices on all their medicinal needs.

In 2013, he met a business visionary and a specialist husband–wife pair – Shekhar Gupta and Sreya Gupta. “They were additionally energized with the thought and put stock in the vision and joined Doctors’ Circle as fellow benefactors shaping an immaculate blend of a specialist, a business person, and a geek,” includes Satish.

In 2014, Satish’s companion from school, Manu joined the group. He now heads promoting and marking. Shekhar’s companion, Irfan, with 12 years of pharma experience likewise held hands; he now heads the specialist deals. In 2015, Abhinaw and Hasa tagged along heading item, imaginative and generation, separately.

For the following one year, they scrutinized and conceptualized finally of the needs of the business sector. All the while, they happened to meet a few specialists in Bengaluru. This time the group started as a patient engagement stage. In August 2014, the group discovered their wow minute in the method for giving wellbeing answers in video structure.