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WAGmob Receives $325kof Funding From US Investors & Planning To Introduce More Apps


Headquartered in Indore, WAGmob was begun in 2010 by ex-Microsoft representatives who worked in Seattle, USA. Established by spouse wife couple Kalpit and Kavita Jain, the organization was at first building shopper confronting applications in the field of instruction. It made more than 400 applications with a group in Indore and figured out how to get more than a million downloads (paid applications). From their experience, deals preparing appeared to be a region that was extremely encouraging and the team focused their energies on building it out and figured out how to get any semblance of Google on board.

Tech30_BadgeIt was over three years into the excursion and the organization was searching for its enormous support. The perceivability ended up being incredible for the organization and Microsoft Ventures took intrigue and guided the startup over a course of time. WAGmob had before raised a round and has now been effective in raising its next seed round of USD 3, 25,000 from US-based financial specialists. The new speculators have three top deals mentors/deals masters Skip Miller, Dave Stein and Jeff.

Expanding on the business preparing competency, WAGmob figured out how to hit an arrangement with Snapdeal. The organization has figured out how to prepare just about 1, 00,000 merchants for them. “Preparing is by means of web and versatile application coordinated with Snapdeal merchant entry. Our finished objective is to make preparing undetectable and implant in the everyday work process of venders,” says Kalpit. WAGmob’s center business at this moment is onboarding and guaranteeing client accomplishment for SaaS and portable applications with its regulated guided ways and in-application preparing.