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Dah Makan The Hottest Food Delivery Startup In Malayasia

Dah Makan The Hottest Food Delivery Startup In Malayasia 1

For both the startups and Venture Capital , the hottest sector is food delivery presently and this is rightly so because online food orders are fifteen percent of juggernaut  seventy billion US dollars and is growing as more and more people are moving to  internet for everything and this includes food as well. The startups and investors are in rage to go into action as soon as possible and competition is rising rapidly but there are a lot of opportunities available for entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in Asian countries that are making a change through changing purchasing behaviour of consumer and development of technology.

Dah Makan means  Have You Eaten in Bahasa the Malaysian language  and this is the name of a startup  founded by Jassica Li. This startup controls the value chain of food from start to end that is preparing fresh meals on their own in their house and then delivered  to the customers who ordered them  through online website or app. Jassica Li was born in HongKong and did her education in United Kingdom and Australia. She founded Dah Makan in Malaysia about a year ago in 2014. She had a previous experience working in marketing branch of Food Panda that is in Hong Kong. She has a very strong consulting experience in food and she has love for healthy meals. Jassica could see and understand the changing habits and shifts in preferences of food of present generation in Kuala Lumpur and acted to it by creating a new food delivery service for the people who are health conscious.  With the help of two co-founders  Christian Edelmann and Jonathan Weins , Jassica Li Founded Dah Makan investing from their pockets then two angel investors came in and they chipped in three hundred and twenty thousand US dollars. Launching a Tech startup Jessica found startup community very welcoming.