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Surviving On Half A Dollar A Day To Getting His Startup Acquired


Satya Vyas was twenty four years when he started and shut two startups but he was a man who would never let failure to disturb him. He had to spend a night shuttling between Thane and CSTM in electric train because he did not have enough money and a place to sleep. Presently his fourth startup Orobind which provides personal fitness trainer on demand is being acquired by fastest growing startup Housejoy. This is the story of a real entrepreneur that started from dormitory of Indian Institute of Technology  Roorkee that is filled with disappointments, failures, and perseverance that cobbled the road to entrepreneurship. Getting into IIT which is the ultimate goal to success was Satya’s dream. He grew in a middle class family in two small towns Bikaner and Ghaziabad and worked hard to crack IIT. His brother got admission in IIT Mumbai and Satya Got admitted in IIT Roorkee. But studying was the last thing Satya did after entering IIT. He played Cricked and was interested in sports, bunked classes, managed to get enough marks to stay in IIT campus and headed the entrepreneurial cell.  He started his first startup named Zabraku which was a social network site in second year of his college that allowed the students to upload videos and college events and share on low band width but this had to be close for lack of funds. The second startup was a gaming magazine on computer which was called Venom and it became a hit with students but this too had lasting problems. They could not scale up the demand and spoiled the business strategy to such an extent that when someone wanted to buy from them, these hot headed guys refused for simple reason that they do not want to work under someone. His teachers could not get him back to studies but he was the first one to get a job offer from Schlumberger in campus recruitment which he refused. This followed few more startups and failures. So he again applied for job in Schlumberger and got selected for Middle East. He worked in the company for some time but the wish of startups brought him back to India and worked for Chai Point where he learnt a lot. This brought him to startup orobind which is on path of success.