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The Smart Guard App Makes The Residents Of Gated Communities Sleep Peacefully


Most groups have watchmen to man their entryways and manage unwelcome visitors. While a few social orders now have video reconnaissance and various checkpoints, these arrangements are either costly or work serious for normal use.

With expanding instances of burglary, seizing and other unexpected security breaks even in gated groups, CommonFloor Groups considers the age-old strategy for enlisting guest data on paper out of date. It as of late propelled portable application Smart Guard as an answer for this agony point.

Brilliant Guard helps condo and private groups digitally record and screen guests, for example, working staff, visitors of inhabitants and sellers. The application permits organizations of relationship to login and make represents numerous gatekeepers. A security gatekeeper can stamp the section and exit for guests through the application, which additionally meets expectations logged off. Taking into account the points of interest entered, the application conveys programmed SMS cautions to occupants on visitor landing to guarantee approved passage.

Brilliant Guard has been intended to take a shot at fundamental cell phones or tablets. Taking into account the information gathered, week by week email reports are additionally sent to the affiliations’ administrators. The application records whether the security watchman has taken endorsement from occupants before letting in a guest. This aide in keeping a deliberate record and great efforts to establish safety at the group and examining any suspicious conduct.