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You can win the stock market with TAURO Wealth


Retail investors or new starters in stock market have to spend lot of time to study and investigate before investing, and still have disadvantages over big investors. This is especially hard for new investors as they may not know much about shares and trading and have more chances of losing money than winning. They also have to lose to big investors who have their own tools that are highly analytical and handle big data. Even a small mistake would lead to huge loses. While high end technology is accessed by large financial institutions to make investment decision in stock market, small investors fear trading and investing due to high risk of losing.

Now the IIT grads from Kanpur came up with Tauro Wealth a tool for analysing which is equal to tools used by Large financial institution, accessible to retailers. Anand Vivek Srivastav who is the Co-Founder of Tauro Wealth got this idea when he, his friends and few members of his family faced with the challenges of investing in stock market. Tauro Wealth is presently in the preview mode. Tauro Wealth is seeding funds from angel investors and TracxnLab.  Presently, active investors form only two percent of the population. Harsha Vardhan Singh a co- founder of Tauro Wealth Believes that the population of retail investors would increase when empowered with tool that has information and smart investment decision making tool and that is what they planned to do .With the current funding from angle investors and TracxnLab, Tauro Wealth plans to hire developers for building the web platform and when this is done the Tauro Wealth will seek pre- series which will be able to handle customer support and online transactions. This Idea startup of IIT graduates from Kanpur is set out to be a success and a boon to small and retail investors. It already started creating waves in public.