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Startup that lets the plugin of Gmail to run on phone

Startup that lets the plugin of Gmail to run on phone 1

Gmail is the most used mailing software present and the reason behind this is the security and efficiency provided by Gmail but unfortunately these features are not available for using Gmail on phones. Aishwarya Jain knew that changing the features to fit for phones what a long shot for Gmail because of the challenges faced that might ignite the behavioural changes and bring about the death of email app. So he and his friend Akshay Katyal who is co-worker at Hacker Earth figured out a way and launched an app and named it Strike. This app allows the Gmail to use array of plugins. The first thing they focused was Peopla and SNooz features in which the users can search social information of any mail address and mute emails until they want to see them. Very recently They launched beta version of the Strike app that works on Highrise which is a Customer Relationship Management. The Highrise is asoftware that helps one to manage contact and organize conversations. Strike app enables the users to do everything that they do with Highrise account except when they are browsing their Gmail account on phone.  With this an email can be changed into task and stacked away as files to deal with later or adjusted so that only certain people can access it. Now Aishwarya and Akshay are planning to include features of sales force also which would include tracker to track who accessed the emails, an extension of event calendar. They are now trying to integrate Strike with Sugar which is a tool used to manage sales, marketing processes and customer service. Initially the founder wanted to just integrate Strike with Rapportive which is a desktop tool which makes connecting to LinkedIn profile easily in mobile phones and they realised that connecting to individual tool on phones was very challenging.  So they decided to build their own Software Development Kit to give away for business.