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The Drones of Terra Motors of Japan


Terra Motors is a company based in Japan Producing Electric Scooters and Electric three wheelers. They are the leading innovation with Electronic Vehicles and in creating sustainably clean Society. Presently this company is expanding to manufacturing of drones that can be used in mapping construction sites.

According to Founder and Chief Executive Officer Toru Tokushige, the Drone is found to be market fit. Terra Motors Commands fifteen percent of Indian market in electric two wheelers and three wheelers with monthly sales of 1000 vehicles and the sales in Vietnam is also strong. So in order to expand, he did some research on Virtual Reality, Actual Reality, Big Data and other things and came to a conclusion that Drone market would quickly like PC market.

Terra Motors decided not to sell the Drones to the customers directly but to offer them as services to construction companies. Terra Motors plans to manufacture the drone machine that work on battery and Electric Vehicle motor. The technology that controls the drone would be developed in-house and this gadget can is capable of taking measurements that is accurate up to five centimeters and according to Toru this is the minimum needed to be considered as solution to construction industry. Photographs are initially used to map location Terra Motors it plans to add more sensors in future. Torro Motors Says that its Drone Machines would complete measurement very fast in one tenth the used generally and the cost for that is brought down to one fifth of current Total Station laser technology. Presently Drones are being used in farming to help farmers identify sick or not fully grown crops in large farming lands where physical examination is time taking and need more man powers. The Drones manufactured by Chinese company are used also for dusting the crops.

Presently there are many competitor For Terra Motors in this space but that does not seem to worry Torro Motors.

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