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Success of YesBoss the virtual assistance company


The mobile phone penetration in Indonesia is around one hundred and thirty percent and Indonesia boasts about it but the truth is most of the Indonesian use dumb still-on feature phones and are far from smart phones. There is one startup that is uses the features of still on phone the SMS services and it is called Yes Boss. Though there is a rise in data subscription, the people of Indonesia still use SMS at least one time a week of which uses of Yes Boss are more than sixty sis percent. Yes Boss is a virtual assistant that helps you in everything you need and all this is done via SMS request. The goal of Yes Boss is to reach people who would not like to hunt for number of pizza hut or visit hardware store to buy or even like buying things online. This is an USB to Yes Boss because the working class of Indonesia usually does not have access to internet and the next best thing they do is text their hearts desire to a dedicated telephone number and lo the item is at your door step.

Presently this service is done free of cost because Yes Boss is a new company and presently the service is limited to those who ask an invite to sign in.  The one month old company already had eight hundred and forty nine invitations and the services are reported to be very good and though Yes Boss does not charge anything the normal charges of the phone have to be borne by customer.

Now YesBoss has acquired a Philippine start named Hey Kuya which works in lines similar to Yes Boss and with this Yes Boss started into regional expansion. Hey Kuya handles five hundred customers a day and now Yes Boss is going to roll a mobile application in both the countries. The success is sure target for Yes Boss