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The ability to pay homage to your loved ones in 10 different languages – a startup also applauded by PM Modi


This awesome idea was born when two sales persons tried to refresh themselves with some snacks. Little did they know that this simple happening would give birth to an idea whose manifestation would be applauded by PM Modi one day. The snacks were served on pieces on newspaper and as chance would have it, these were the obituary pages. They were disturbed to see this kind of disrespect being shown towards the departed souls and thought that there has to be a more respectable and presentable method with which to pay homage to our loved ones. The best part is that this will also be globally accessible and remembered and shared for a long time to come. This mental turmoil gave birth to ‘Shradhanjali’. According to Vivek Vyas who is the founder and CEO of India’s first online obituary portal, the main purpose behind it is to maintain the sanctity of our departed souls. Shradhanjali.com is a startup that was first showcased at the first Indian language digital Festival Bhasha, earlier on March 11.

Vivek is a first generation entrepreneur who was working in the field of sales and training going on seven years. He was responsible for developing and training for the module of bancassurance for the team of Baroda for SBI and he took this team to the top spot in the country. It was his dream to be able to fill the gap between the virtual and real world. His co founder is Vimal Popat who has 12 years of experience in sales, manpower management and developing successful dealerships and agencies. He has also worked with Castrol India Ltd. and then managed a unit of more than 100 financial advisors with Tata AIG. Here he also created many records. Both Vivek and Vimal had been colleagues for four years till the time they had the snacks mentioned above. That afternoon it came to them, that this was the right time to take a leap of faith and put this innovative idea into practice. Their leap was not necessarily motivated by the sound of the cash register, but solely to help people keep alive the memories and legacies of their loved ones.

The initial version of this portal was launched in 2011 and the final one in 2013. This portal invites people to submit photos, text and videos of their loved ones to the portal to remember and celebrate the lives of the passed souls. They have tried to keep the model as simple and yet comprehensive. This portal allows the uploading, posting, sharing and publishing.